4 Key Ingredients of Successful Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship buzz has witnessed many people quit their jobs to start their businesses to actualize their dreams of complete autonomy and financial freedom. What most of these prospective entrepreneurs don’t know is that success in this field goes beyond passion and desire. It’s a combination of many ingredients, and a potential entrepreneur must possess or manufacture these components to be able to make it in this treacherous terrain. Here is an outline of the specific ingredients required for success in entrepreneurship:

1- Success in entrepreneurship requires sufficient capital

Most first-time entrepreneurs overlook the importance of computing the real cost of starting and running an enterprise. They haphazardly estimate the total cost and overestimate the early sales, and this turns out to be a disaster for the business. The business fails to take off, and they close shop before they taste their first profit. A smart entrepreneur must calculate both the cost of starting and running a business since most companies take up to 6 months or a year to start making profits.

2- Time investment is critical for success in building business

What most beginner entrepreneurs don’t know is that a new business needs a lot of time investment to stabilize. This aspect usually defeats most entrepreneurs who have just quit their 9-5 jobs to venture into entrepreneurship. They are used to 40 hours of work each week, and they think the same applies to entrepreneurship. Well, they fail spectacularly. A new business needs more time commitment than any other business to flourish.

3- Stress managements skills are crucial for entrepreneurship success

The moment you step into the field of entrepreneurship, you’ve immersed yourself in uncertainty. Expect months without profits, competitors working around the clock to bring you down, law suits, unhappy customers and employees, and long hours of work. All these will certainly drain your energy and affect your relationship with family. It’s essential that you develop strong stress management skills to navigate all these.

4- The field of entrepreneurship requires impeccable sales and marketing skills

The business of entrepreneurship involves the selling of products and services. There is no way around that. And the products and services cannot sell themselves. That’s why you need sales and marketing skills to convince people to buy your products. To be a successful marketer, you need strong communication skills to be able to communicate to consumers who you are, what you do and how your products and services will address their pain points.


Starting a new business is a challenging pursuit. You never know where it will take. There are many peaks and valleys and twist and turns to navigate. That’s why you need to possess or manufacturers all of these qualities to travel through the murky entrepreneurship waters.

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