3 Things You Must Never Do When Building Business Relationships

For any savvy entrepreneur, building business relationships is the hallmark of entrepreneurship success. However, building business relationships goes way beyond saying hello to a prospect. It’s all about influencing a prospective or undecided customer into a loyal, repeat customer that would never abandon you regardless of your situation. Specifically, it encompasses dedicating quality time for the customer, knowing the right kinds of words to do and say, and above all, knowing the kind of things not to do or say. Whether you’re working to cultivate strong business relationships offline or online, here are specific things you must never do:

One way to slow down your building business efforts is to presume you’ve nailed a client after the first contact

The biggest mistake most first-time entrepreneurs make is to assume that they have already built a solid relationship with the first contact with a prospect.  Reflect on the scenario when you met your first girlfriend. The first time you said ‘’hi’’ did not guarantee that she would accept your proposition. She needed to know more about you (your name, where you live, what you do, your likes and dislikes, hobbies and much more) before she accepts your proposition. And that was just for starters. She didn’t find the answers to all those questions from some divine intervention, but through asking questions. As the relationship flourished, both of you found out more and more about each other. Business relationships work the same way. They are built over time and on trust, which is why you should never assume you’ve won over a prospect just by meeting them on the first day.

Introducing your product or service at the first contact with a prospect will not help your business branding efforts

I bet you’ve been a victim of someone calling you and starting to cajole you to join some lucrative business opportunity when you have no interest in that kind of venture. It’s absolutely disgusting. This is not a good technique to build relationships. Again, it should take you more than the first meeting to introduce your products or services. You must know your prospects and build rapport first before you start to pitch your products and services to them. So desist from introducing your business to a prospect before you know anything about them

Not asking permission before signing a prospect up is bad for entrepreneurship

This is one of the worst sins of entrepreneurship. The last thing you want to do is be getting your prospective clients angry.  Signing up your potential clients to your services or sending them free products without their permission can be construed as not only unprofessionalism but a display of rudeness as well. This can be a killer for your merchandising or any other business building efforts. Endeavor to engage a prospective customer first and get a solid ‘’YES” before taking any action.